… cleaning time

first things first…. congratulations to arashi!… although i wasn't lucky enough and not rich enough..heheh… to watch your kokuritsu con, for sure it was, once again, one SPECTACULAR show. you never fail to amaze us with your show and you keep getting better and better.. here's for more years to you.. and more years for your fans too…. 

anyway, got a new bookshelf and eventhough i'm feeling a bit under the weather coz of my very bad cough and cold, cleaned my room and arranged my arashi stuffs.. yey!

i alloted just one slot for my arashi only cds and dvds.. yeah.. good luck to me..but i did manage to neatly arrange them in that one slot… heheheh.. now i need to get a bigger one for my arashi mags, books, pamphlets, etc…… gotta save again..

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yup. just finished deleting all those spam comments. 

sorry neighbors. will just have to have the comments approved first to avoid these spammers. it's not as if i have lots of posts these past few months. heheh…. been really busy with work but i'm still updated with what's been happening with arashi.. hope to see them soon… although there's zero possibility that i'll be able to see them in person but i hope at least to be in their homeland again soon.. *visa, yeah*
and it's arashi day yesterday! my album arrived.. woohoo! from yesasia. really love their super fast delivery now.. no hassles of going to the post office anymore and you get to get your stuffs asap! yup. more arashi orders to come ;) 

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…it’s that time of the year… Jun and Arashi Party 2010

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…aiba-chan gift from a dear friend

just wanted to share.. belated birthday gift .. super cute..and she's the one who made it…. LOVE IT! thanks again g3rl_23

and we also celerated nino-kun's birthday.. the cake was umai! :

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…happy new year!

thank you LORD for a wonderful 2009

…and i wish all of us love, peace, happiness and prosperity this coming new year! 

thanks to all my vox neighbors and friends.. more fangirling moments for us this coming 2010!

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…happy birthday aiba-chan

wow. you're now 27 and you still look like a teenager. hehe.. happy birthday dearest aiba-chan!

had a small celebration with my arashi friends.. aiba-chan and oh-chan's birthday as well as our christmas get together. 

*thanks for the cake pics marzz. love them.*
well, we were all late yesterday so we ended up celebrating till midnight and we didn't realize immeditely that it's already aiba-chan's bday. when we did, we shouted our greetings for him..hahah.. *as if he can hear us*
had fun. lots of gifts. good food. good company.. lots of laughs.. especially, lots of pictures. if only the resto crew can say no when we requested for them to take our pics. they looked really surprised and seemed to regret agreeing to us when they see the 5 (or was it 6) digicams that we hand to them. haha! 

and here's our small souvenirs from ohno wives and aiba wives. hehe… 

thanks girls!
Happy Birthday Aiba-chan!

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…happy holidays to everybody

…for a more generic greeting.. heheh.. 

anyway, it's been a while. i'm still here. although i've been on hiatus due to some unavoidable circumstances, the fangirl is still here. and this christmas, i have a lot to be thankful for especially those which concerns my family. i don't regret that fangirling was set aside for a while due to some family matters. family always comes first. they will always be there for you but the ones you idolize may not even know you exist. hehe! 
i'm just so happy that everything's ok now. i'm slowly catching up. thanks to my arashi friends especially my angel from osaka. finally i got the stuffs. waaah! i should have taken a pic of myself with that big permanent smile on my face while looking at the stuffs one by one. i LOVE them all, especially pan & james. yehey! thank you again from the bottom of my heart. you really are a great friend and i really appreciate all the things you've done for me especially when the plans didn't push through. thanks for taking care of my friends. words are not enough to thank you. i just hope i'll be able to meet you again soon and thank you personally.. 
and to MB.. i was really surprised. you didn't tell me. got the notice from the post ofc and got the stuffs last week. waaah! thanks very very much. the gifts are so cute. attracts a lot of money. yahoo! need more if ever i'll do some serious fangirling again. haha! and i so love the christmas cards. you really look like a japanese pop star.. seriously..you should be one.  
and to my arashi friends, ken-f4 friends, vox friends and neighbors, and to everybody, wishing you all a great holiday and a happy 2010. thanks for everything! 

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